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Cashmere cardigan for women. Must-have for all seasons and styles.

You can wear it closed by a row of buttons for a bon-ton look, or open and loose for a casual attitude. A cashmere cardigan is an all-rounder that resolves all the fashion issues of the female wardrobe. Designs and colors should be chosen to suit different moods and occasions. Mini or maxi, tight or loose, in pastel hues or bright shades, a cashmere cardigan fits in social events, yet does not clash with urban fashion. Able to enhance the most diverse styles, this beloved open sweater allows for many interpretations - especially when it is handmade by Italian artisans with precious cashmere wool.

Cashmere cardigan: mini or maxi, chic or rock, from office to happy hour

Perhaps not everyone knows that the famous open sweater owes its name to the Count of Cardigan. Legend has it that his troops were in trouble due to temperature changes during the Crimean War. So, the commander of the British army had the idea of cutting the upper half of their uniforms to give his soldiers some relief. From the battlefront to the catwalks, the cardigan has maintained its versatility while acquiring charm and refinement. Seductive or bon ton, urban or formal, buttoned-up or open like a jacket, a cashmere cardigan becomes sporty with a pair of leggings, romantic with a floral dress, elegant with a pencil skirt. Maxi with a wide V-neck or slim-fitting with a round neckline, worn open, buttoned-up or with a fashionable belt, the same cashmere cardigan can live 1000 different lives.

Buy online made in Italy cashmere cardigan for women.

The cashmere cardigan is a woman must-have, an evergreen that adds a touch of style to different combinations. Pair it with a matching crewneck, and you have the classic twin set. With a satin shirt, a lace blouse or a top, the cardigan takes on a feminine vibe. Worn on a printed t-shirt with a pair of jeans or leggings, it becomes more urban and carefree. The many possible combinations make the open sweater always different and fun to wear. The Tuscan company iCashmerissimi manufactures essential knitwear and accessories, sold online with an excellent price/quality ratio. Combine the cashmere knit jacket with a mock-neck crewneck, or turtleneck sweater, but also with a stole, a scarf, or a cape. Keep in mind that if you spend more than € 300 on our e-shop, shipping is free throughout Italy, Europe, and other countries.

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