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Cashmere crewneck sweaters: chic, essential, versatile

Refined passe-partout for all occasions, the cashmere crewneck sweater is the everlasting classic that every woman needs in her wardrobe. Perfect as a discreet under-jacket shirt, crewneck or boat-neck cashmere sweaters can be accessorized to become protagonists of the most glamorous outfits for work and leisure time. iCashmerissimi are Italian hand-crafted garments produced in different lines and color variants. We deliver our made in Italy garments worldwide. Shipping is free for expenses over 300€.

All the extraordinary qualities of Italian-made cashmere garments

Like all great classics, the cashmere crewneck jumper never goes out of style. Soft and pleasant on the skin, cashmere has excellent thermoregulation and transpiration properties. Versatility, comfort, and finesse make it the ideal yarn for garments to wear in all seasons - especially when the quality comes from Italian craftsmanship. The production chain is safe and transparent, from the choice of materials throughout all processing. Along with the 100% cashmere crewneck sweaters, iCashmerissimi presents a selection of high-quality cashmere blends (silk and merino wool) at an excellent quality-price ratio.

Crewneck cashmere jumpers: hand made in Italy, shipped all over the world

Versatility, long life, softness, and comfort on the skin are the characteristics that make cashmere cherished by men and women. This precious textile fiber obtained from the exotic Hircus goat protects the human body from heat and cold, thanks to thermoregulation. Unlike cheap garments in synthetic materials, a cashmere crewneck pullover prevents sweating, allergic reactions, redness, and skin irritation. But always pay attention to the quality of the yarn: iCashmerissimi guarantees all the value of made in Italy craftsmanship.

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