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Artisanal cashmere capes and cloaks: the contemporary edge of a classic

Capes, cloaks, and shawls are classic accessories with a romantic edge. In recent years , also thanks to contemporary celebrities and style icons, they have come back in fashion. Like ponchos, cashmere capes and cloaks are a smart, refined, and exciting choice. The comfortable cashmere outerwear warms up your winter looks, from the shopping to the gym, adding a touch of style to your fav leggings or jeans.

Cape, cloak or poncho: how to choose and wear them

Cashmere cloaks and capes are a functional and original addition to your winter wardrobe. But what sets a cloak and a cape apart from a poncho? And how are we supposed to wear them? A cashmere cloak is an adaptable, practical overcoat similar to a loose jacket or cardigan with two slits instead of sleeves. Contemporary capes, instead, resemble stoles or maxi scarves: details like fringes, hoods, or furs bring fun and sophistication to their minimal rectangular shape. Also made of a single piece of fabric, cashmere poncho has a central opening for the head: its wraparound form leaves the arms freedom of movement.The luxury of cashmere makes these garments also suitable for more formal engagements: try to combine the cape with a tight dress or a pencil skirt. Always opting for organic yarns such as merino wool and cashmere gives you the certainty of a warm, soft, and safe contact even on the most delicate skin.

Cashmere capes and cloaks available for sale online

Cashmere cloaks and capes keep you warm and fashionable at all occasions. You can choose sober, romantic, or dramatic models; you can wear your cape or cloak over a sweater, a jacket, or a duvet depending on the outside temperature. But before buying a cape, poncho, wrap, or stole, you always want to verify the quality of the yarn and its processing. Superior cashmere and artisanal manufacturing give you reliable assurance of high quality and sheer respect for the raw material. Check out iCashmerissimi, a collection of cashmere knitwear hand-made in Italy, now sold all over the world. In the cashmere outlet, you may find several bargains from previous collections. Our decennial experience is at the service of international clientele. Feel free to contact us for any information about cashmere.

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