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Cashmere poncho, the essential wintry accessory

Soft and enveloping like a warm hug, the cashmere poncho is perfect during winter or mid-season. You can wear it over a pullover instead of a jacket or coat. Or you can combine it with jeans, boots and a wide-brimmed hat for a country-chic look. You can give it a contemporary edge with a belt, or combine it with a minimalist total-black outfit. In any case, the cashmere poncho is the staple garment that any woman needs in her wardrobe.

Chic, comfortable, enveloping: cashmere poncho in many colors

As the Hispanic name reveals, the poncho is born among the harsh climates of South American Highlands. Originally a single piece of rectangular cloth with a central round opening for the head, this mantle was probably designed by the Incas to shelter from rain or cold. Today, along with garments inspired by the traditional shape with some concessions to modern fashion and creativity, the term poncho sometimes also refers to large wraparound stole.Versatility and comfort are the two pros of this garment, suiting all ages and many styles.

Buy online made in Italy cashmere ponchos for women.

In the iCashmerissimi collection, you will find a wide variety of cashmere ponchos. Our coats stand out for the quality of the yarn processing, variety of models, and brilliant colors. Comfortable and versatile as a cardigan, warm and enveloping like a cape, the cashmere poncho softly caresses the curves flattering the silhouette. The Tuscan company iCashmerissimi produces different models of ponchos in cashmere. Warm, practical, and refined, they suit many different styles: wear your cashmere poncho day or night, instead of the sweater or jackets during the autumn or as a winter fashion accessory. Discover the quality of Italian artisan weaving: iCashmerissimi deliveries its affordable products throughout Europe and the world.

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