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Artisanal V-neck cashmere pullover

The V-shaped neckline enhances the feminine forms, bringing light to the face and framing the cleavage. When we choose what sweater to wear, we must consider many aspects, from the design to the yarn. The final quality of any piece of garment will depend on the synergy of all these features that will, in turn, affect the comfort, duration, beauty, and performances of our clothing. The thread plays a central role in determining the thermal properties and sensations on the skin. The color and design will have an impact on the fit, enhancing or penalizing the body figure and complexion. Soft in contact with the skin, V-neck cashmere jumpers are flattering on different silhouettes. 

Made in Italy cashmere sweaters: enhance the feminine figure with a V-shaped neckline.

V-neck pullovers and cardigan flatter and frame the shapes of both curvy and androgynous female silhouettes. The yarn intensifies the effect in the case of cashmere, which caresses the body without pinching critical points. Cashmere is an organic fabric that needs little attention to stay beautiful over time. Use, wash, and dry with care cashmere V-neck sweaters. The fiber likes water and can be washed frequently, preferably by hand, and always at low temperatures, with specific cleaners or a little neutral soap. After washing your cashmere garment, lay it in the shade in a horizontal position. Avoid hanging it from the shoulders, or you risk irreparable deformations.

Buy online made in Italy cashmere sweaters for women with V-neck

Versatile and refined, cashmere knitwear never goes out of fashion and lasts over time with a little foresight. Because of its "living" nature, cashmere benefits from some freshening in the open air. Instead of wearing cashmere sweaters two days in a row, let them rest on a flat surface (not under the sunlight in the outdoors). Take a look at our women's collection and choose different colors and models to alternate with the V-neck sweater: crew neck, turtlenecks or dolcevita, boat neck jumpers, twin-set, cardigans, and much more. iCashmerissimi are all handmade in Italy. We deliver all over the world.

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