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Cashmere turtleneck: the essential casual chic for him

Cashmere (or, to say it French-style, cachemire) is an excellent fiber for men rtleneck sweaters. Its low weight, softness, and ability to regulate body temperature make it enjoyable even in direct contact with the skin. Versatile, warm, and comfortable, a cashmere dolcevita is useful on many occasions. Conventional under a jacket, classy with a coat, or easygoing with a pair of jeans, cashmere turtleneck is the flawless pick of contemporary cool men.

From sailors to beatniks: all the (masculine) nuances of the turtleneck

Despite its name, the turtleneck was yielded way before the famous movie with Marcello Mastroianni. Until the early twentieth century, turtleneck sweaters were worn by sailors and workers who spent many hours exposed to the elements: its high collar protected them from the cold wind without slowing up the movement. Around the 1920s, dolcevita sweater made its appearance in London: its closed collar encountered the appreciation of many young Englishmen that weren't fond of ties and buttons. The turtleneck came back in trend in the Fifties - in total black, with a plain or rib knit - when the Parisian existentialists made it a bohemian icon. Finally, the American beatniks and the counterculture of the Fifties and Sixties added other shades to the intellectual masculine charm of the dolcevita sweater.

Buy online Italian cashmere turtleneck for men

More than simple apparel, a dolcevita sweater is a lifestyle statement. Soft and wrapping, the turtleneck keeps the throat and neck warm thanks to its scarf-like collar. But to prevent itching and irritations, we recommend the use of natural, breathable materials that keep the body at the ideal temperature. Cashmere and merino wool are the most dependable as they guarantee thermoregulation, breathability, and versatility. The made in Italy yarns of the artisanal collection iCashmerissimi include a variety of colors and models, such as cashmere dolcevita or turtlenecks, jackets, cardigans, crewnecks, and V-neck sweaters. Topmost quality-price ratio and free shipping for purchases exceeding € 300.

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