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Cashmere jackets and cardigans: from young and casual to informal chic

Jackets and cardigans combine all the softness and warmth of a cashmere sweater with the convenience of an opening on the front. Cashmere jackets, smooth over a shirt, classy with a crewneck sweater, or easygoing with a fashionable T-shirt, are versatile enough to fit in relaxed or conventional occasions. In the iCashmerissimi Italian knitwear collection, you may find all the variety and sartorial care of the Italian tradition.

100% cashmere or high-quality wool-blend artisanal jackets

The excellence of the Tuscan knitwear branded iCashmerissimi arises from the fresh and sober lines, the sophisticated and breathable materials, the versatility of the design. The collection includes models in pure cashmere and blends of natural threads. The 100% cashmere jacket is a luxurious and classy item whose characteristics fully repay the expense. Warm in winter and cool in springtime, a cashmere cardigan does not crease and tends to become softer overtime: cashmere - if correctly treated - can last a lifetime. Even cashmere blends can have superior qualities, as long as the other threads of the blend are natural and breathable like merino wool and silk.

Buy online made in Italy cashmere jackets for men

In addition to pure cashmere, the composition of men jackets and sweaters can also include a variable percentage of merino wool and silk fibers. Silk and cashmere blends feature bright colors and a comfortable fit, and their prices are usually lower than 100% cashmere garments. On the other hand, the latter are sartorial masterpieces, whose versatility, durability, and comfort on the skin abundantly justify the investment. The Italian knitwear collection iCashmerissimi includes pure cashmere men jackets and natural blends where the mastery of craftsmanship combines with the value of the threads and convenience of prices. Shipping is always free if the expense exceeds € 300.

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