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Italian artisanal cashmere sweaters for him

The cashmere pullover is one of the most versatile garments in a man's wardrobe, perfect to wear over a shirt, under a jacket, or in direct contact with the skin. Crewneck, V-neck, or turtleneck cashmere jumpers suit to different styles and occasions, always offering absolute comfort thanks to the breathable natural yarns. Italian craftsmanship guarantees the quality of lines, workmanship, and raw materials.

Cashmere mock-neck, crewneck, V-neck: must-have pullovers for contemporary men

Always synonym with luxury, good taste, and timeless style, a cashmere jumper can last a long time, completing more or less formal outfits. As the name indicates, the precious textile fiber known as cashmere (English) or cachemire (French) originates from the Asian region of Kashmir. This wool used in the production of exclusive sweaters and jackets comes from the Hyrcus goat, that lives at high altitudes, exposed to considerable thermal excursion between day and night. Nature has given this goat a double-layer coat, whose lower mantle (duvet) protects from the temperature range. Such notable thermoregulation properties are preserved in the yarn that we obtain from the duvet, i.e., the precious cashmere.

Made in Italy cashmere pullovers for him: safe and convenient shopping on our e-store

Cashmere sweaters are passe-partout garments that must be in the wardrobe of any man with a taste for style and comfort. Variety comes from the possibility of choosing among many colors and models. Polo neck or mock neck, V-neck or crew-neck, turtleneck or cardigan are few of the countless alternatives. The constant behind any fashion choice should be the value of the yarns, preferably natural, breathable, and handcrafted with care. The Tuscan company iCashmerissimi, specializing in the production and retail of cashmere knitwear, manufactures sweaters, jumpers, or pullovers for him. Essential lines and a wide choice of colors feature our 100% cashmere sweaters, as well as the blends with merino wool and silk. We deliver throughout Italy and abroad without shipping costs for expenditures exceeding € 300.

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