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Cashmere pullover with V-neck: the male must-have for all occasions

We live in an age when the importance of our image has become undeniable, even for men. Putting together everyday outfits that combine elegance and comfort, good taste and originality, personal style and formality, is not a task within everyone's reach. One simple tip can come in handy to those men who are not fashion experts, and yet aspire to dress well and feel at ease on all occasions. Choose a series of basic garments handmade with superior natural materials. Which yarns should you prefer? Start with cashmere, silk, cotton, and merino wool, the most prestigious and well-known non-synthetic cloths. And try essential models, such as a cashmere polo, crewneck, or V-neck.

V-neck cashmere sweater: Italian craftsmanship at his service

Cashmere V-neck stands out among male articles of clothing because of its refined versatility. Formal, casual, and even sensual depending on style and occasions, cashmere knitwear suits over a shirt or polo, and is perfect in direct contact with the skin. The V-neck cut emphasizes broad shoulders and chest, while the cashmere yarn softly caresses the skin. The smooth embrace of cashmere also helps the camouflage of the extra kilos - which, needless to say, meet the favor of many women.

Buy online men's V-neck: first quality made in Italy cashmere jumpers

As all precious threads, cashmere needs to be treated with some care to keep its qualities intact overtime. Wash your V-neck sweater at low temperatures, preferably by hand, and lay it down on a horizontal surface to dry. Do not hang your cashmere jumper by the shoulders to prevent deformations. Furthermore, we suggest you not to wear the same cashmere shirt for two days in a row: cashmere is a "living" fiber, so remember that it needs some rest. You may consider buying more than one cashmere sweater, indulging yourself in different models and colors. In the men's collection branded iCashmerissimi, you will find cashmere crewnecks, V-necks, turtlenecks, and polo neck sweaters in a great variety of colors and designs. The Tuscan company delivers all over the world its made in Italy items, offering free shipping for expenses over € 300. The quality/price ratio is convenient, especially on the occasions in the outlet section. Subscribe to the newsletter to be always up-to-date with our promotions. 

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